My Artwork in now available!

Have a look through the gallery and select an artwork or two.

All images have been created through a digital medium. I only manipulate photos if I have taken them myself. Most of these artworks have little or no photo elements and have been hand drawn on a program called GIMP. 

The Artwork will be available as standard prints on a variety of products which can be ordered by clicking on any of the images below.

Most of the artworks are from my Oracle Card collection but I am currently working on a mythological creatures collection and I will be adding pieces as they are created.

The artwork will be shipped to you via Order a Print - once you select the size required, please double-check the preview to ensure you have the artwork centred to your liking, as some size selections will required manual cropping of the artwork.

Custom prints on canvas are also available.

The image will be reworked by hand and then embedded with selected crystals chips.

Pricing on request - just send me an email.


Let me know if you are interested in anything you have seen so far.