Author Biography

Petra has lived in a world where plans mean little and dreams are the only constant. Diagnosed with ear disease at the age of eight she turned to books as a way to escape the constant medical procedures that would be a part of her life for the next two decades. She always had an open view of the world around her, having grown up on stories of her gypsy ancestors but a near death experience during surgery confirmed what she had long known, the world has many layers and the people that reside within it have even more.
Petra runs her own Finance IT Consulting business by day and writes about her strange ‘what if’ view of world in any spare moment that she has. She is married with two children and the characters in her books have a tiny bit more than a passing resemblance to her family.

All of their strengths are their own and all of their weaknesses are pure fiction.

Petra is also a certified Colour and Art Energy Healer, Hand Mudras Energy Healer and has just completed her certification in Advanced Crystal Healing. 

These healing modalities are used to give both depth and insight within her books and her soon to be completed Oracle Deck. 

Be sure to follow her daily readings on TikTok.