It is a world where magic once ruled. Where mystical beasts and power-hungry magic wielders fought for control.  The balance ever shifting between order and anarchy.

It is our world and the struggle is all but forgotten. Old legends whisper at the battles once fought, folklore gives hints of the dangers that still exist, but it all happened such a very long time ago.

And you cannot believe every old fairy tale you read, can you?


Michael has been dealing with a lot lately.

A creepy family moving in next door.

A relaxing family holiday where a strange discovery leaves him anxious and unnerved.

And now he is having recurrent nightmares.

Nightmares that are shared by his sister Dana.

With an ancient evil starting to unlock its powers, Michael must accept his family’s legacy and come to terms with their emerging abilities before their quiet Melbournian street is turned into a warzone.



Just wants to play soccer but things keep getting in his way.


Never thought keeping her younger brother out of trouble would include endangering her whole family.


Knew that she could not escape her powers, but never expected her children to be even more powerful than her.