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You have found your way to a place that takes mythology and magic and reinvents it in a relatable way.

'When Magic Awakes' is the brainchild of author / illustrator Petra M Costa, who took her love for all thing mythological and placed it in an Urban setting.

It's Fantasy that you can relate to!

Mythology and Magic woven into an action-packed story that explores the lengths that a family will go to in order to protect one another.

Her unique style of Urban Fantasy is fast paced yet visually descriptive in a way that allows the reader to be fully immersed in a work that seamlessly blends myth, legend and magic by placing it in a recognisable setting, so that no reader is left behind.

Told from multiple viewpoints this series has been enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike the world over.

If you enjoy the work of Christopher Pike and Neil Gaiman then the 'When Magic Awakes' series is well worth a try.  


And if you love your fur babies – then you have definitely come to the right place!

And it doesn't end with the books - The characters and settings from the series became the inspiration for a carefully crafted Oracle Deck that embraces the truth that lays just under the surface of our most beloved Myths & Legends. 

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Return of the Sleeping Warriors

When Magic Awakes

 Book 1

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if magic actually existed?

Wonder no more!

The first book in this Urban fantasy series explores the concept of Magic and how your personality would impact your power. 

Capture book 2.PNG

Battle for the Second Realm

When Magic Awakes

Book 2

Now that you have access to magical powers, would you feel duty bound to use them?

Would you put your life on hold, or worse still, at risk to save the world?

The Second book in this Urban fantasy series delivers the action whilst asking some hard questions. 

A Journey through Myth & Legend

When Magic Awakes

Oracle Deck

This oracle deck has been created to tap into the wisdom of the mythology that is the cornerstone of the 'When Magic Awakes' universe. 

Based on the character and setting in the series this Oracle Deck you on a different kind of journey. A journey where you allow your intuition to guide you.

It took a lot of years to get Book 1 'Return of the Sleeping Warriors' out into the world. Book 2 'Battle for the Second Realm' set it's own pace... but it is finally here!

I have been working on so much over the last year. Book 2 is now available as a paperback and eBook and I think you are going to like it. 

(​ Thanks for the amazing response on Amazon - #1 as a new release )

Book 3, Search for the Seer, has been written and is a little past first draft stage. This book just poured out of me and was written in around four months. Scheduled for release early 2023. 

I can get back to Book 4 now that my Oracle deck has been released. The outline has been written, I know (in general terms) what is going to happen and I don't think you'll see it coming.  

The Void_edited.jpg
The Void_edited.jpg

Hear what readers have to say...

Return of the Sleeping Warriors
When Magic Awakes - Book 1

"This urban fantasy tells the story of a suburban Melbourne family and how magic comes into their lives. When something evil moves in next door, teenage siblings Dana and Michael find themselves in possession of powers they hadn't even imagined. This is a terrific story, not just about myth, legend and magic, but also of family bonds. Full of adventure and legends from around the world, it's a great read for teens and adults alike."

Battle for the Second Realm
When Magic Awakes - Book 2

"Battle for the Second Realm sees the continuing story of suburban Melbourne siblings Dana and Michael and their awakening to magic. It flows seamlessly from Return of the Sleeping Warriors, and introduces us to some interesting new characters. The blend of myth and legend with suburban life makes for a story that will keep you reading, wondering what's going to happen next. As with Return of the Sleeping Warriors, a great read for teens and adults."

Capture book 2.PNG
A Journey through Myth & Legend
When Magic Awakes - Oracle Deck

"This Oracle Deck takes all of the elements that you love in the series and gives them a new level of meaning. With detailed explanations of the mythological background behind each card, it makes me want to go back and read the series again so that I can view things from this new perspective.

These cards allow for an insightful and intuitive read that doesn't really pull any punches.

Gorgeous Artwork! Love this deck!"

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