Author - Illustrator

Petra M Costa

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Return of the Sleeping Warriors

When Magic Awakes - Book 1

Now available on Amazon and Apple Books!

Coming soon!
Battle for the Second Realm 

When Magic Awakes - Book 2

Scheduled for release August 2021.

Oracle Deck - A Journey through Mythology

I am working on the artwork now.

I have included a couple of the pieces in the Artwork section

to give you a feel of how the deck will look.  

It took a lot of years to get Book 1 'Return of the Sleeping Warriors' out into the world...Book 2 'Battle for the Second Realm' is setting it's own pace...scheduled for release August 2021!

I have been working on so much over the last year. Book 2 is getting edited as we speak and I think you are going to like it. 

Book 3 (I'll keep the title a secret for just a little while longer) but I can assure you,

it has been written and is a little past first draft stage. This book just poured out of me. And was written in around four months. Scheduled for release early 2022. 

Book 4 has to wait until I have completed my oracle deck. The outline has been written, I know (in general terms) what is going to happen and I don't think you'll see it coming.