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About Me


Let me introduce myself.

I'm a Melbourne based author/illustrator who has been fascinated by mythology and folklore since my early teens. This fascination led me to create my own urban fantasy series, ‘When Magic Awakes’. I say 'create' rather than 'write' because it has become a fully immersive experience for me. The first book in the series, Return of the Sleeping Warriors, was released in 2017. The second book in the series, Battle for the Second Realm, quickly reached the top of the charts as a hot new release in 2021. 

But this series wasn't done with me yet. While writing the third book in the series, Search for the Seer, I conceived of the idea to create an Oracle deck of my own. I have been reading tarot since I was fifteen and have been fascinated by ‘magic’ since my Nan first started telling me stories of our gypsy heritage when I was little. And it seems that all the research I had been doing for this series was leading me down this path.


Apart from writing, I am a certified Colour and Art Energy Healer, Hand Mudras Energy Healer, Crystal Healer and Reiki and Spiritual Healer. And I have completed courses in Sigil Creation as well as Runes and Oracle Card Reading. This honing of my skills led me to the place where creating my own Oracle Deck seemed like the next logical step. The deck - A Journey through Myth and Legend, is based on the characters and settings in the series and makes use of my knowledge of the various healing modalities as well as the mythology I have been studying for years.


And of course, if I'm designing my own deck, I would need to be the one to create the artwork, right? My illustrative style has been heavily influenced by my love of the fantasy genre. Fellow fantasy fans will pick up on this straight away.

Stay tuned to this space. 

I will be incorporating healing sessions and readings, as well as other offerings in the very near future.

Nothing but love  

Petra M Costa

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