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The Urban Fantasy series that delivers...

When Magic Awakes is the brainchild of author / illustrator Petra M Costa, who allowed her love for all things mythological to inspire her writing, placing these themes in an Urban setting to make them more assessable.

It's Fantasy that you can relate to!

Mythology and Magic woven into an action-packed story that explores the lengths that family will go to, to protect one another.

With true magic returning to the world, this family must band together to face the evil that is using the very same energy to break the bonds that have been keeping it captive.

But they are not defenseless - the magic is working its way through each member of the family, awakening powers that are almost impossible to predict and even more difficult to control. 


The story is told from multiple viewpoints, allowing the reader to really get into the heads of the characters, exploring how deeply perspective can alter our perception of a situation. 

You are going to love this series!

The Void_edited.jpg
Cover_Return of the Sleeping Warriors – When Magic Awakes Book 1 - written by Petra M Costa

It is a world where magic once ruled. Where mystical beasts and power-hungry magic wielders fought for control.  The balance ever shifting between order and anarchy.

It is our world and the struggle is all but forgotten. Old legends whisper at the battles once fought, folklore gives hints of the dangers that still exist, but it all happened such a very long time ago.

And you cannot believe every old fairy tale you read, can you?


Michael has been dealing with a lot lately.

A creepy family moving in next door.

A relaxing family holiday where a strange discovery leaves him anxious and unnerved.

And now he is having recurrent nightmares.

Nightmares that are shared by his sister Dana.

With an ancient evil starting to unlock its powers, Michael must accept his family’s legacy and come to terms with their emerging abilities before their quiet Melbournian street is turned into a warzone.

For lovers of Young Adult books with an Urban Fantasy setting, the first book in the series explores witchcraft and mythology in our modern world. 



Just wants to play soccer but things keep getting in his way.


Never thought keeping her younger brother out of trouble would include endangering her whole family.


Knew that she could not escape her powers, but never expected her children to be even more powerful than her.

The Void_edited.jpg
Cover_Battle for the Second Realm – When Magic Awakes Book 2 - written by Petra M Costa

This series will not disappoint.

For lovers of Young Adult books with an Urban Fantasy setting, the second book in the series continues to explore how witchcraft and mythology twists through our modern world. 

It is a world where magic once ruled. Where mystical beasts and power-hungry magic-wielders fought for control. The balance ever shifting between order and anarchy.

It is our world and the struggle is no longer forgotten. The old legends have proven to be true and the mystical band of protectors known as the sleeping warriors have awoken to defend the land against the evil that once again fights for dominance. A new generation of magic-wielders has risen to oppose those who would put the delicate balance of the realms in jeopardy.

But how many faces does evil have? Not all the old fairytales can actually be true, can they?


With Michael’s family reeling in the aftermath of a fiery battle outside their home, they must now cope with the loss of Nicola, her mind gone, her body inhabited by the soul of an unhinged mage set on revenge at any cost.

But Michael is now bonded, a member of the sleeping warriors. Nightmares are the least of Michael’s concerns, now he must fight creatures emerging from the depths of the second realm.

A struggle to contain a deadly contagion, threatening to break out beyond just one suburban family home.

A spate of violent behaviour and illness plaguing the neighbourhood.

And evil turning its face towards Dana – does she have more resources at her disposal that anyone suspects? With alliances threatening to fracture as new players alter the dynamic and evil beginning to turn against itself, Michael must do everything he can to keep his family together and stop himself from succumbing to the danger that lurks within his own blood.



Is now a bonded warrior, and nobody is sure how this change will affect them all.


Keeping Michael out of trouble isn't getting any easier for her, but who will step forward when she needs saving?


When things go from bad to worse, you would be a fool to get between Nicola and her children. 

The Void_edited.jpg

Coming Soon...

Search for the Seer - When Magic Awakes - Book 3

The long awaited third book in the 'When Magic Awakes' series takes the action and amps it up a notch, with twists that you will not see coming!!!

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