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A Journey through Myth & Legend
Oracle Deck

A Journey through Myth & Legend is a beautifully illustrated 52 Card Oracle Deck that explores the mythology that inspired the characters and settings in the #1 best-selling 'When Magic Awakes' series. 

The deck has been meticulously researched and created in a way that allows you own intuitive processes to guide you. Designed to tap into the wisdom that lies hidden behind the cautionary tales of Myth and Legend. 

This boxed set includes a comprehensive guidebook, that includes sample spread layouts and detailed explanations of the mythology behind each card.

A Journey through Myth & Legend – When Magic Awakes Oracle Deck - written & illustrated by Petra M Costa

The fantasy art inspired illustrations have captured the essence of the legends that you are familiar with, allowing you to explore the connections that already exist deep within your subconscious.

Perfect for those that have been reading oracle cards for years, as well as for those searching for their first deck.

Take your journey into mythology one step further and allow your inner voice to be easily heard. 

A Journey through Myth & Legend card layoutMagic Awakes Series
The Void_edited.jpg

Originally, I thought it would be a bit of fun. I have been reading Tarot since my early teens. My first deck is battered but refuses to be retired, so I started looking at other decks.

There are so many out there. Beautifully illustrated decks and some with only words; all unique, all gorgeous in their own way. I have amassed quite a collection.

But I just couldn't find the perfect deck for me! 

I wanted these cards to speak to me the same way my characters do.

I wanted the wisdom of the mythology I thread through my books to be expressed in cards. 


So I decided to design my own deck!  

As you do!


So why an

Oracle Deck?

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