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The Void_edited.jpg

My artwork is now available to have in your home!

And there are so many printing options available: from Mugs to Canvas Wraps. Select an image, choose the format and have it printed and delivered direct to your door!

It's that easy!

An example of the options available for printed artworks.

Have a look through the gallery and select an artwork or two!

If you have always wanted to own an artwork that invokes some deeper meaning, that's origins stem from a love of mythology, then you are sure to find a piece that resonates with you here. 

I have spent almost two years creating the artworks in the Oracle Card collection.

Each image has been created to connect with you in a number of ways; from the use of colour and style, to subtle elements that thread their way through the collection. Certified in the use of colour for energy healing, I understand the importance of colour and how it can be used to evoke certain emotions, as well as its innate ability to heal!

I am working on the mythological creature's collection as we speak. The Ice Dragon and the Hydra are just the first in this series.

(Let me know if you have any requests for a creature you would like to see in this collection.) 

Have a scroll through and see which images you are drawn to. If you find one you like and would like to know more about it - send me an email - I would love to tell you more about what inspired the creation of the image.  

There is something about fantasy art that speaks to your inner child. It is a style that has the ability to fascinate in its own unique way. If my artwork takes you away from the limitations of reality and allows your imagination to soar, just for a moment, then I have achieved my objective.

The Artwork is available as standard prints on a variety of products, which can be ordered by clicking on any of the images in the gallery.

The artwork will be shipped to you via Order a Print - once you select the size required, please double-check the preview to ensure you have the artwork centred to your liking, as some size selections will require manual cropping of the artwork.

Custom prints on canvas are also available.

The image will be reworked by hand and then embedded with selected crystals chips.

Pricing on request - just send me an email.

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